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Montreux International Business Club
c/o Simone Pasquini, Avenue des Mousquetaires 10, CH-1814 La Tour-de-Peilz

+41 (0)79 748 80 64
+41 (0)21 973 15 22

Claude Tarinas Cazenobe (Spanish)

Président Fiduciaire CG Montreux

Françoise Tomov (French)

After a career in IT in France and Switzerland , now an investor in start-ups in both countries.

Gordon Douglas (British)

Specialist in innovation, new product development and market research. President of the MIB

Hector Smith (British)

Director of several European companies over 20 years.

Olivier Toletti (Swiss)

CEO Riviera Solutions 2 Business. Vice-president MIB

Simone Pasquini (Swiss)

Administatrice du Musée suisse du Jeu. Secretary-Treasurer of the MIB.